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Archive for July, 2007

I have not been writing lately because I have been short on time. For one thing, I have been doing too much sleeping. But I always make time for reading even if I have to cut out on the sleeping. I figure that since I have not been writing I might as well share some […]

Why should we bother to exist? What gives life meaning? Why shouldn’t we all just give up and go off into that good night? I doubt that you want to hear my answers to those questions. And frankly, I am not at all sure that I would be edified to hear your answers to those […]

Why I vary my arguments

This post is a comment that I left on my own blog in response to Mr. La Roche. This is getting to be a bad habit with me. But when I write two pages out, I hate to bury it in the comment section. Especially when writing out those two pages prevented me from writing […]

Why is it that there is one and only one demographic effect that the majority of highly educated people in the world are willing to accept? And why is that one effect the idea that less children are good for the environment? A lot of highly educated people are willing to argue that people in […]

This calls for some celebration

Yesterday, I wrote to Mr. Nichols in spare moment saying… Poetic temperament is a valid excuse for having problems writing. But not for taking stuff that you have already written down. Have a little mercy on the rest of humanity. He never responded. But Philosophical Poetry went back up today. Hooray!! Given Mr. Nichols past […]

I am making this response to a comment on my last post into a post of its own. I am doing this mostly because I think that this comment is what I should have said in the first place. It captures the heart of my reaction to Mr. La Roche’s post in a more condensed […]

In a comment left on my rant against the Economist and in a post on Fistful of Euros, Guy La Roche asks…. Has anyone questioned, since Ape Man mentioned the name, the psychology behind a guy like Mark Steyn? It would go a long way in understanding his motives and way of thinking. And it […]

One of things that annoys me about life is the people who claim to sincerely care about Islam and yet turn around and say that they want Islamic moderates to rescue Islam from the fanatics. In my not so humble opinion, people who are looking for moderate Muslims to step up to the plate and […]

How I view China….

A comment that I left on my previous post…. Mr. techy2468 I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks that the US and China are equally to blame. But I think that you and I fundamentally differ on the nature of what China is doing. You see China as being someone […]

If you follow Brad Setser, you know that he is very concerned about China’s policy of artificially lowering the value of the Yuan so as to subsidize their export sector. He has extensively argued that China’s policy poses grave dangers to the economic health of the US, China, and the world at large. He uses […]

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