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Archive for November, 2007

I always get mad when I hear people spouting off about how the immigrants are taking away jobs from those poor blue collar Americans. Speaking as a blue collar American, I know that this is not so. There are plenty of good jobs out there for blue collar Americans; you just have to want them. […]

Megan McArdle ran a post entitled Demography is Destiny today. I was happy to see it. For some reason I had her pegged as part of the “Demographics don’t really matter” group because of some posts that I saw go up on Free Exchange. Recent posts at her new site have demonstrated that I was […]

The writers over at Architecture + Morality have decided to experiment with podcasting. So for the first time ever, I listened to a podcast. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. They certainly pulled off the format far better than I would have. I think that it does me good to hear intelligent […]

In which I beat a dead horse

This was a comment that I left on this post over at Marginal Revolution. For those too lazy to follow the link, Tyler Cowen has this conceit that he has an evil twin called Tyrone. Tyrone provides Mr. Cowen with an opportunity to argue against his own positions just for the fun of it. Tyrone […]

What’s so great about happiness?

Over at Marginal Revolution we read…. It was Jeffrey Sachs and Betsey Stevenson against myself and Will Wilkinson on the topic of whether America is failing in the pursuit of happiness. The Economist magazine was the sponsor and it was held in Gotham Hall in New York, which yes could have been out of a […]

Yesterday, I said…. Now I can’t get away from the sneaking suspicion that what Cramer says on television is what the rich and powerful are saying behind closed doors. Call me paranoid, but I would not be surprised to see Cuomo get slapped down. If your are a glutton for punishment you can watch the […]

Stories of the absurd

I have a hard time writing about the current financial problems afflicting this country. Every day I have been reading about a new company that is losing billions of dollars for some reason or other. Wake me up when somebody manages to lose a trillion dollars or a major bank goes bankrupt. The only thing […]

I have never had much use for peak oil believers. Their arguments are generally not worth the time it takes to read them. But my arrogant dismissal of peak oil has been shaken by Stuart Staniford. Unlike most peak oilers, Mr. Staniford really gives you something to think about. While I was reading Mr. Staniford’s […]