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Archive for December, 2007

What were they smoking?

Pakistan is a tribal country that has a lot of guns. You have violent Islamic insurgency in that country that has killed a lot of people and fought the army to a standstill. You have a dictator running the country who has almost been killed several times. Some of those attempts on Musharraf’s life raise […]

Revealing my ignorance

Over at the Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen asks…. The question is, when inflation comes, why doesn’t the expectation of that inflation lead to proportional increases in nominal interest rates, thus keeping the real rate constant? In the comment section on his post I said… I am going to reveal my ignorance here, but it would […]

Why I have not been Writing

For those few who check my blog regularly in the hopes that I have posted something new I thought I might explain a little why I have not be posting. The heroic version is that I have been working lots of overtime. I mean, working over 16 hours without anything to eat but candy bars […]

An Unrepentant Rant

Genocide and hard work made this country what it is. Sloth and wealth are making this country into something else. Some people think that this change is a good thing. I don’t. I know that the ghosts of the dead Native Americans haunt our historical consciousness. I can still hear the echoes of the slavers’ […]