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Archive for January, 2008

There was a time in my life when I thought and read a lot about Japan. I was just starting to get interested in economics when Japan was at the height of its boom and everyone was talking about how they were going to take over the world. Then came the crash and Japan became […]

Both liberals and conservatives tend to have a Euro-centric view of history. That is to say, both camps tend to view the rise of the Europeans as something that was bound to happen. This view enables liberals to avoid confronting the cultural failings of the countries that were conquered by Europeans on the grounds that […]

The essay that I never posted

I have a new essay up on my essay site called “On Holy Fear”. Well, at least it is new to my readers. I actually wrote it about this time last year (all except for a few paragraphs anyway). But it was so awful I could not stand to post it. Sad to say, I […]