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Archive for February, 2008

Comparing Vietnam with Iraq

The difference between the war in Iraq and the Vietnam War is simple: Vietnam was winnable and Iraq is not. Now I am not casting aspersions on the success of the surge or anything like that. In any kind of military terms the US army has done well. This is especially true if you compare […]

Professional economists normally have no use for Chartists. The idea that you can predict future price movements based on past behavior of the Chart has not empirical support. Most economists will tell you that there is not much to separate a Chartist from witch doctor. But one might imagine that Alex Tabarrok has come around […]

God Bless the Japanese

Normally, this is something I would post over at the Ethereal Voice. But I don’t think many of the people who read the Voice would really appreciate it. So I figured I would put this on my personal blog instead. I found this at Sippican Cottage. We must be similar is some way because I […]