Failing the Test

Today I failed an intelligence test.

Or at least that is how I felt.

It all started when my boss gave me the job of installing a used motor starter in place of some controls that got burned up due to misswiring on the part of the installers.

I was happy to have the job. As a general rule, I enjoy control work.

This job was particularly nice because there was no deadline. I could work on it as I had time between the various disasters that the day brought about. And those were mostly minor things involving a dead animal, a malfunctioning split system, and the general ignorance of the world at large. All Micky Mouse stuff that left me with plenty of time to deal with the motor starter.

And for awhile, everything went according to plan. I figure out how I was going to make everything work. I drilled and I tapped all the holes I needed for mounting the controls without any problems. But when I started removing the things that I did not need, I ran into a problem that stumped me.

This was kind of ironic because I usually figure on the removal as being the easy part. But there was this one three position switch that I just could not figure out how to remove without breaking it. I tired all sorts of things and as each one failed my desire to just break the thing grew exponentially. Before I long, I was ready to start smashing everything involved with a hammer.

But since I am the mature responsible type, I decided to seek help instead.

My boss was kind enough to come out and take a look. But after spending more time then I had spent poking, prodding, and twisting the dang thing he was forced to give up.

Moments later I took the switch off without breaking it.

It was simple once I figured out the trick.

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  1. Rundy says:

    So long as you boss couldn’t figure it out either, you’re safe.

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