The advantages of having a bullet proof boss

Today my brother told me the equivalent of “good thing you don’t have to deal with what I have to deal with”. He was referencing yesterday’s post where I expounded on what miserable person I was being.

Its a true enough statement. One thing I have found out in the course of my life is that people with thin skins will generally not like me. Those people with thin skins who don’t already actively dislike me generally don’t know me very well.

That is one of the reasons my boss and I get along so well. His skin is so thick it is practically bullet proof. I have seen people scream and yell at him. I have seen people try to undermine him. I have seen his bosses openly discuss his short comings with his subordinates and berate him in front of his subordinates.

Most of the time he takes all of this very calmly. Most of the time he does nothing more then stand there blinking and trying to explain himself in between the out bursts.

I don’t find his calm all that surprising. Sometimes I think he is so calm just because he has a hard time figuring out when people are attacking him and when the are just joshing him. As I have noted before, he is not quickest on the uptake in social situations and some people take advantage of that.

What I do find amazing is how he never seems to hold a grudge. I have seen him go out of his way to be helpful and fair to people who have done him real harm. The way he treats them you would never know how badly they had treated him unless you had been there and seen it happen.

Given that, my occasional outburst don’t even faze him. So we get along just fine.

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