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Archive for October, 2009

No Hope

Yesterday I was called into a back room for a highly secret unofficial conversation. The subject was a friend of mine. The stated goal was to explain to me why he was in danger of getting fired and why that option was not currently being pursued. But I think the unstated reason for the conversation […]

No reward for virtue

Today I tried to be safe and do all the right things, but it still seemed like everything was conspiring to go wrong. For example, I was trying to fix an outlet that had suffered physical damage. Not only the was the outlet itself damaged, but the wire-mold box that that outlet was in had […]

Breaking The New Guy In

Today a man was told by our HR department that they made a mistake when the hired him. They were kind enough to tell him that they would try to figure out a way to save his job. But they made no guarantees. Seeing as he was only hired two weeks ago this was a […]

Today I almost wish that the guy who got fired did not get fired. It was a selfish sort of wish. Him getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to him. If getting fired does not benefit him, nothing that a human being could give him will ever help him. Though sometimes I […]

Hiding in plan sight

Today I was reading about Imhotep. I had things in particular that I was looking for. Things that I pretty much already knew were there. But if you want to stay in a state of knowing everything, you have to refresh your memory every once in a while. By all accounts, Imhotep was a pretty […]


Today was the first day in a long time that I got everything done that I wanted to get done. That was not too hard since my goal today was to tie up lose ends that I meant to get done yesterday and the day before. I have way more stuff to do at work […]

Today I wrote this in answer to a comment on my post… To be honest, I do not believe most of the things that I argued in the above post. Truth be told, I would never seriously argue about equality at all. I only wrote the post for the fun of playing devil’s advocate. To […]

The beneficiary of injustice

Yesterday I wrote a rather melodramatic post. Hey, it was late and I was tired. But I want to point out that I am not only one who feels as if I am sailing through life. Yesterday an old boss of mine was telling my brother how I have not been listing to some of […]

Waiting for the Summons

Today I climbed up and down so many flights of stairs I lost count. I was thinking that my life has a kind of twisted resemblance to Kafka’s novel “The Trial”. I suppose that the fact that climbing lots of stairs makes me think of “The Trial” just proves that I am irredeemably weird. And […]

Basic lesson never learned

Yesterday I started reading this series of stories in the New York Times about David Rohde and his experience in captivity. The series is not finished yet, but what I have read so far just blows my mind and disgusted me at the same time. The articles have not taught me anything new about the […]

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