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Archive for November, 2009

Today Sippican Cottage posted an old video showing the twin towers being built. It makes for some very interesting viewing. Sadly, the clip makes for more interesting viewing now than it did before the towers came down. Watching those great big pieces of steel being lifted into place, one can’t help but think about how […]

The Mystery Of UP

Today I watched Up. I think the thing that struck me most while I was watching it was how much of the movie was written solely for adults. I mean, how many kids watching that movie would have been able to figure out that the old man’s wife could not have kids? It makes you […]

A whiny thanksgiving

Today is a day that is supposedly set aside for giving thanks. I suppose that there are worse traditions that one could start. It certainly seems healthier overall than Christmas. At least Thanksgiving only gets perverted into stuffing one’s face and going hunting or watching football. Overall, it is far healthier for the country as […]

The Suspense Never Ends

Today I walked into the control room and I saw my partner in crime looking through the phone book. Naturally I asked “Whatcha doing?” (Everything is my business.) He mumble something about maybe going to see his doctor. Oh. Of course. Now my only question is “Will an ambulance do or should we call in […]

Truth Or Fiction

Today I was faced with the age old question: Is this guy lying, exaggerating, or telling the truth? You see, I went to an asbestos awareness training. I have gone through this training a number of times before. Normally my biggest challenge is staying awake. This time it was different. The presenter was good at […]

Me trying to sound reasonable

Today I wrote this comment on one of Felix’s blog posts…. Felix, Are you comparing apples to oranges? As I understand it, you are comparing the federal debt in the US to the average national debt in the EU. On the face of it, this would seem to be a fair comparison. But I am […]

Never Ending Battle

Yesterday was not a good day. I supposed it does not quite qualify as a really bad day. But all sorts of things happened that I would really rather had not happened. For starters I found out that removing the broken valve did not fix the problems we were having with the hot water in […]

Today was a good day. They don’t seem to happen very often and most time we forget about them so fast that we think they never happen. But sometimes they do. Things got done today. Funding for projects was approved(this was a shock to me). I may have found a supplier for parts that will […]

A double standard

Today I read another “poor men” post. This particular post struck me as a bad example for all sorts of reasons. But it got me to thinking about how I react to these types of arguments even when they are better done. I have a double standard for these types of arguments even when they […]

Random Musings

Today I read about a man who got away with murder on account of the fact that the world ended. The world did not really end, of course. But some 28,000 people on the island were killed. There were only two survivors. And one of them was this guy who was in prison for committing […]

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