Missing the light

Today was a nice day for November. Truth be told, we have had a lot of nice days this fall. I am still a little suppressed by how warm it has been. I was bracing myself for a really cold fall and winter but it does not seemed to have come to pass yet. But I guess we could still have a bitter winter.

The thought that we might get a cold winter does not bother me all that much. But I am already dreading the forever darkness that seems last for the whole winter. Its not just the shortness of days, it is also the clouds that are always overshadowing us. I think that I could take the short days of winter better if more of them were sunny.

But there is not much hope of that in this area regardless of how hot or cold the winter is. So I guess I will have to spend most of this winter wishing that I was in bed. My body considers bed the only proper place to be when there is little natural light.

I wish that I could make my body feel some other way. I always think about how much indoor stuff I could get done in the winter if only the dreariness did not make we want to turn into some kind of bear. But I guess you have to deal with the cards that you been dealt with in life. So I have stopped trying to convince myself that this winter I am going to be very very productive.

Instead I dream of becoming a bear who does not have to go to work when it is dark out.

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