No Replacement To Be Found

Yesterday I helped out hobbit with an attitude. Whenever I get to help her out, it always brightens my day and make me think that maybe I am not totally worthless.

This particular hobbit happens to be a short woman who is in charge of her own department. She makes more money then I am ever likely to make. And of course she has college degree and all the other associated accreditations that go along with such a position.

All that is par for the course for a professional woman at her stage in life. I know lots of professional woman with a similar resume. But after you eliminate the ones that I don’t like, and the ones that I can stand but don’t respect, and the ones that I don’t know enough to make a judgment, all you are left with is the hobbit.

She is the only professional woman that I actually enjoy dealing with. It goes with out saying that she is smart and hard working. But what really sets her apart is her bluntness, sense of humor, her utter lack of pretensions, and her willingness to try to solve problems herself that other woman would decided were “man” problems.

The fact that she does not play helpless is a big part of what makes helping her such a joy. Since she has tried to do it herself, she understands what it takes to do things for her. So she does not have unrealistic expectations and she really appreciates what you do to help her. That alone makes her unlike 90% of the woman out there.

Unfortunately, she is retiring in 10 months.

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