I spend too much time reading

Today I was discussing with someone why I will never make a really good tradesman. I said that all the really good tradesmen that I know spend a lot of their free time making or fixing things. It’s the thing that they enjoy doing more than anything else. Their idea of variety is to fix or make something that they don’t normally have to fix or make on their day job.

But I am different. When I had the job of putting up steel frame commercial buildings (i.e., I was an iron worker or at least that’s what they hoped that I would turn into), the part I hated the most was not having any time to read (because of all the travel time). And the part that I like best about my present job is the fact that I have plenty of time to read.

Today was a light reading day because I got home late and I have other things that I need to do.

But I still read this report from calculated Risk about FHA is delaying its fiscal report because they don’t like the results they got from their audit. The audit implied that FHA is going to need billions of dollars in taxpayer money.

I also read this account of why the often quoted 36,000 Deaths from Seasonal Flu is wrong. It always did sound awfully high to me.

And to top it all off, I read this essay from a former member of the Marine Force Recon and a former Assistant Secretary of Defense under Regan who argued that US conventional forces in Afghanistan need to change how they conduct firefights. I also watched the video that he made to demonstrate his point.

And those are just the highlights of what caught my attention. It doesn’t even count all the things that I just skimmed and decided I wasn’t interested in.

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