Confession Of A Part Time Snake

Today I did not accomplish much of note. In fact, it could be argued that some of what I did was actually harmful.

Remember the friend of mine who was in danger of getting fired? Well, I have been embarked on a campaign to push back against those that I think are unjustly head hunting him. And today I just took it another step further.

This is unwise, unproductive, and generally unjustifiable. But I can’t help myself. I am one part sheepdog and one part snake. And I might be to charitable to myself when I claim that I am one part sheepdog. Regardless, I have never been very good at staying out of fights that did not belong to me.

My gut instinct is to always act as if any trouble that afflicts “my people” as being my business. And by definition of “my people” is quite broad. I am not sure that all of “my people” even know that they are “my people.” But that does not stop me from minding their business.

Only, I don’t mind their business in a very straightforward way. I am not one of those people that reacts the minute that someone says something negative about my friends. On the contrary, I always listen when people start badmouthing my friends and I generally only voice my opinion when it will be well received by my listeners. Often I will even try to draw them out and get them to say more then they originally intended.

Then I go off and launch a campaign to thwart everything they are trying to accomplish.

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