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Archive for December, 2009

Things to ponder

J.R. R. Tolkien was once accused (and is still by many) of peddling nothing but lies. His response was this…. “Dear Sir,” I said—Although now long estranged, Man is not wholly lost nor wholly changed. Dis-graced he may be, yet is not de-throned, and keeps the rags of lordship once he owned: Man, Sub-creator, the […]

A question and an answer

What is the difference between good writing and bad writing? Or to be more precise, what is the difference between great writing and merely functional writing? And is there even any profit in considering the question? It is often argued that great writing is just a matter of taste. And to a certain degree this […]

A question

I would rather write a few pages that were well written then a lot of pages that were not well written. But you can’t prove that by what I have written. The most common compliant that I get is that it is too wordy. And it is a valid complaint. So I guess, the question […]

The Lie I Told Myself

I spent most of my first real job in a state of fear. There are various stories I could tell to justify that fear. I could talk about the first time my boss had me back hang a commercial garage door. He was in a terrible rush and demanded a similar state of hurry from […]

The Promise

Many people read Luke on this day. I prefer to start with Genesis….. And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” And I like to read in Deuteronomy…. The LORD your God will raise up for […]

A lie that killed

I knew a man who committed suicide. He had lots of good reasons to hate himself. But I don’t think he killed himself for any of those reasons. This particular man did a lot to help me out. He always paid me more then I asked. He was one of the prime movers behind getting […]

I have a tendency to have more faith in the bad things that I think about myself then I do in the good thoughts I have about myself. After all, I would love to honestly be able to think good things about myself and I don’t really want any bad thing to be honestly true […]

The unsolvable paradox

One of my greatest desires and one of my worst fears is that I might come to understand the truth about myself. James notes that “If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check.” I think a similar sort of logic […]

The Road To Hell

One of the things that people hate the most about orthodox Christianity is its insistence that everyone is deserves the wrath of God. Surly nobody finds this particular belief more objectionable then that class of people we call liberals. Therefore, it is highly ironic that liberals always seem to be pushing for laws and regulations […]

Rules based on lies

I have watched as a high ranking female supervisor berated a lower ranking female supervisor. The high ranking female supervisor had no choice. The lower ranking female supervisor had tried to break the rules and it was the job of the higher ranking female supervisor had to tell her that she could not do that. […]

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