The unsolvable paradox

One of my greatest desires and one of my worst fears is that I might come to understand the truth about myself.

James notes that “If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check.” I think a similar sort of logic applies to knowing the truth about one’s self. Your ability to perceive truth is only as good as your ability to know the truth about yourself. And since it is impossible to fully know one’s self, you can pretty much write off any claim of being able to fully know the truth about anything else.

It is easy to look around you and see people who’s understanding is warped by their own desires and motivations. They think they are looking at the unvarnished truth but it is clear to most everyone else that they have swallowed a lie.

You see this and you have to wonder how you fall into the same trap. What kind of lies am I believing as truth? How am I blind?

But paradoxically, if you really wanted to know the answers to those questions, you would. The lies we tell ourselves, even the ones that we use to tear ourselves down, are all lies that we want to hear.

Our fundamental problem is that we want to be vindicated in our own mind. But we want to be vindicated in truth, not in our own made up lies. But if our minds where forced to judge ourselves in the light of the complete truth, we would not be able to vindicate ourselves.

In order to solve this paradox, our minds must lie.

These meanderings were a result of thinking about this post. Figure that one out if you can. I was going to work it into the post, but I ran out of words.

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