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Archive for January, 2010

A Silly Dream

If we are smart, we keep most of our hopes and dreams to ourselves. Most of what we want is just plain stupid. And if we got it, we would find out that it is not what we wanted anyway. That’s two good reasons to keep one’s mouth shout. Nobody needs to make themselves look […]

Speaking or keeping silent

The difference between what you want to say and what you do say can be a lot of things. It can be hypocrisy or it can be good manners. It can be cowardice or it can be refusing to cast your pearls before swine. I am prone to bad manners and I am prone to […]

Why this big blind spot?

What is politically correct speech? In a nut shell, politically correct speech is speech that puts the feelings of those listening above all other considerations. The “all other considerations” covers most of the things that used to be considered the bedrocks of good speech. For example, clarity is a famous victim of political correctness. There […]

Learning to be blind

Yesterday’s thought was unfinished and badly written, to boot. It was unfinished by necessity. A full exploration of the idea would require an essay at the very least. And it was badly written because I was tired. Being tired is also why I wrote about a subject that I could not possibly do justice to […]

A half finished thought

I have this weird wish to inflict books that I have liked on other people. This is a not very logical wish. Why should people like what I like? And more to the point, what difference does it make if other people have read what I have read? I think that one of the wellsprings […]

Some times it is hard to conceive of the changes that are going to take place in the near future. And I am not talking about all the things that we don’t know about. I am talking about the changes that we do know about. This is not a new thought for me. But it […]

No Fun

Today I did a little bit of what I like to do best. Organize a tea party. Or throw a rodeo, if you prefer that term. A rodeo is much more entertaining. But it is usually the result of a a tea party gone bad, and as such it generally reflects badly on the person […]

Being Grateful

I don’t think I am thankful enough for the fact that we have a democracy in this country. I tend to justify this lack of gratitude because of the idolatrous attitude that many people have towards democracy. I am so sick of hearing democracy touted as this great cure-all that I forget how good it […]

Making myself ugly

Tribalism is a bitter curse. It turns everyone it touches into something really ugly. This is always easy to see in other people. Every time I go to a liberal blog I can’t but help notice how ugly tribalism makes everybody. It is only natural that liberal tribalism makes themselves ugly to me, for they […]

A reason I hate

One of the things that hate most about myself is my lethargic nature. I am not sure if this should be one of the things that I hate most about myself or not. I always try to keep in mind the fact that we tend to hate ourselves for all the wrong reasons. And I […]

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