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This was originally going to be a response to a comment that Mr. Corbusier left on this post. But I got a little carried away so I decided to make it a post of its own. Mr. Corbusier, The quality of your response was far more than my off-the-cuff comment deserved. I only wish that […]

Replying to Corbusier

Corbusier and I had (or are we having?) an exchange of views over at Articture + Morality on New Urbanism. I am re-posting something that I wrote in his comment section for the benefit of those who like to keep tabs on what I am up to. Corbusier, Thanks for the reply. I am sorry […]

While Corbusier and I have some similar criticisms of New Urbanism he takes issue with my statement that New Urbanism is doomed to failure. He argues that New Urbanism should be considered successful because of its commercial success. As he puts it… Although I’ve expressed skepticism on some of the results promised by proponents of […]

This was cross posted over at Watching the Trades Over at Architecture + Morality (they changed the “and” to the plus sign) Corbusier has a new post up called “What Makes a Community: The Problem of Property Ownership and New Urbanism.” As usual, Corbusier’s post is excellent and long overdue. (How come all the good […]

One of those weird issues that I devote my thinking time to is the intersection between values and architecture. So I was very excited when I came across a blog called Architecture and Morality (Thank you Marginal Revolution). Unfortunately, the blog does not live up to its name as much as I would like. Most […]

If I were to compose a list of things that I dislike, the government of New York State would rank rather high on the list. In any fair minded list of the most dysfunctional governments in this United States of America, the State government in New York would rank in the top 10. But there […]