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There is a blog here in the Ethereal Land called Chickenman that I have not advertised much because I wanted to see if his blog would last. Now that the blog has something like a track record, I thought that I would give it little more exposure. I think I can safely say that if […]

It is somewhat absurd to write a review of Richard Fernandez‘ blog ‘The Belmont Club‘. All of those who might be interested in The Belmont Club have probably come across it already. It has got to be one of the most widely read political blogs out there. But I read the Belmont Club often enough […]

The best part and main problem with Derek Lowe’s blog “In the Pipeline” are one and the same. After all, the blog is all about chemistry and the life of a chemist. For some people, reading about that subject is like watching paint dry. But if you have just a smidgen of intellectual curiosity, In […]

I know that most people have already heard of the Marginal Revolution. But I figured that if I was going to review all the sites that I keep tabs on for my Apeman’s guide to the Internet page, I might as well start with a site that everyone knows. That way, they can get a […]