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Truth Or Fiction

Today I was faced with the age old question: Is this guy lying, exaggerating, or telling the truth? You see, I went to an asbestos awareness training. I have gone through this training a number of times before. Normally my biggest challenge is staying awake. This time it was different. The presenter was good at […]

Me trying to sound reasonable

Today I wrote this comment on one of Felix’s blog posts…. Felix, Are you comparing apples to oranges? As I understand it, you are comparing the federal debt in the US to the average national debt in the EU. On the face of it, this would seem to be a fair comparison. But I am […]

Rumblings of the Big One

Today I hear a rumble. I see everything starting to shift. I think there is an earthquake coming. Words that should scare you… As of July 2009, California’s budget shortfall was 49.3% of its general funds. States have considered drastic options to fill such gaps. “I looked as hard as I could at how states […]

Today I was discussing with someone why I will never make a really good tradesman. I said that all the really good tradesmen that I know spend a lot of their free time making or fixing things. It’s the thing that they enjoy doing more than anything else. Their idea of variety is to fix […]

Today I wrote this in answer to a comment on my post… To be honest, I do not believe most of the things that I argued in the above post. Truth be told, I would never seriously argue about equality at all. I only wrote the post for the fun of playing devil’s advocate. To […]

Everything has its cost

Today I read a post on Naked Capitalism that commented on a recent New York Times article on how even those in American with jobs are facing pay cuts. Yves Smith (the blogger behind Naked Capitalism) used that article as a spring board to argue that Americans put to much focus on careers at the […]

Talking about nothing

Today I wanted to write more on what I wrote about yesterday. But I don’t know that I will be able to to. I fought with a headache all day and I need to be going to bed. Not the best state to be in when one tries to explain rather dry economic data. Most […]

Assumptions make a fool out of you

Yesterday I dug into some economic source data for the first time in a long time. The initial impetus came from the need to revisit the post where I predicted what the nominal return on a 5 year treasury bond would be in a year’s time. Since the year was up last week, I figured […]

Over at the Marginal Revolution, I got involved in a discussion about Obama’s stimulus plan. It got a little out of hand on my end. I don’t have much use for Keynesian economic views. I still hold to views that I laid out here, although I would hope that if I had to write them […]

Some Thoughts

The Dow was up almost a 1,000 points today. Governments around the world have guaranteed with their lives that there will be no more problems. And I mean that in the most literal way possible. The sums that European Governments have thrown at the problem are out of this world. From Brad Setser…. The US […]

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