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The Road To Hell

One of the things that people hate the most about orthodox Christianity is its insistence that everyone is deserves the wrath of God. Surly nobody finds this particular belief more objectionable then that class of people we call liberals. Therefore, it is highly ironic that liberals always seem to be pushing for laws and regulations […]

Today I was discussing with someone why I will never make a really good tradesman. I said that all the really good tradesmen that I know spend a lot of their free time making or fixing things. It’s the thing that they enjoy doing more than anything else. Their idea of variety is to fix […]

Today I wrote this in answer to a comment on my post… To be honest, I do not believe most of the things that I argued in the above post. Truth be told, I would never seriously argue about equality at all. I only wrote the post for the fun of playing devil’s advocate. To […]

Bits of Hilarity

Today the news was just full of jokes. My sick sense of humor has been getting a real work out this evening. Here is a joke that you might not have heard. Here is another one that you probably did hear. But if you have as sick a sense of humor as I do, the […]

Never Confuse Power With Peace

What is Peace? To my simple mind, Peace is when I have no conceivable reason to kill you and you have no conceivable reason to kill me. To my mind, if I might want to kill you or you might want to kill me, but we are not currently doing so, that is a cease […]

I think the thing that most surprised me about Obama’s win is how small of a margin of victory that he got in the popular vote. It’s kind of hypocritical of me to say that, because only a couple of months ago I thought that the election was going to be close. But that was […]

Comparing Vietnam with Iraq

The difference between the war in Iraq and the Vietnam War is simple: Vietnam was winnable and Iraq is not. Now I am not casting aspersions on the success of the surge or anything like that. In any kind of military terms the US army has done well. This is especially true if you compare […]

What were they smoking?

Pakistan is a tribal country that has a lot of guns. You have violent Islamic insurgency in that country that has killed a lot of people and fought the army to a standstill. You have a dictator running the country who has almost been killed several times. Some of those attempts on Musharraf’s life raise […]

An Unrepentant Rant

Genocide and hard work made this country what it is. Sloth and wealth are making this country into something else. Some people think that this change is a good thing. I don’t. I know that the ghosts of the dead Native Americans haunt our historical consciousness. I can still hear the echoes of the slavers’ […]

This from the Brussels Journal…. In Belgium, unlike anywhere else in the world, the three official trade unions, not the state, pay unemployment benefits. Each year the government gives them the necessary funds and also pays them a fee for every unemployed person they cater for. The perverse result is that it is in the […]

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