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A whiny thanksgiving

Today is a day that is supposedly set aside for giving thanks. I suppose that there are worse traditions that one could start. It certainly seems healthier overall than Christmas. At least Thanksgiving only gets perverted into stuffing one’s face and going hunting or watching football. Overall, it is far healthier for the country as […]

Hiding in plan sight

Today I was reading about Imhotep. I had things in particular that I was looking for. Things that I pretty much already knew were there. But if you want to stay in a state of knowing everything, you have to refresh your memory every once in a while. By all accounts, Imhotep was a pretty […]

Bits of Hilarity

Today the news was just full of jokes. My sick sense of humor has been getting a real work out this evening. Here is a joke that you might not have heard. Here is another one that you probably did hear. But if you have as sick a sense of humor as I do, the […]


I so badly wanted to comment on “pomocons, Freddie, and god.” I rationalized this desire by telling myself that the comment section is badly missing the token ignorant religious fundamentalist and who better to fulfill that roll but me? The little boy in me is squealing “pick me, pick me.” I so badly want to […]

Observations on a poem

Every now and again, a poet will ask his audience for thoughts on his poem. This has always struck me as a vaguely indecent proposition. It’s rather as if someone stood before you fully clothed and asked for a commentary on their body. Technically all modesty is preserved, but it’s still a rather awkward request. […]

Poetry's religious function

So once again I continue my unbroken string of not completing a series. I ought to be putting up Revenge of the Invisible Hand Part II right about now. I did start on it, but time and tide have sidetracked me. For those of you who care, that series has a better chance of being […]

Why should we bother to exist? What gives life meaning? Why shouldn’t we all just give up and go off into that good night? I doubt that you want to hear my answers to those questions. And frankly, I am not at all sure that I would be edified to hear your answers to those […]

All of us barbarians here in the ethereal land are down on vegan’s for a variety of reasons. But their fundamental problem is that they are not connected to reality. This from the New York Times…. When Crown Shakur died of starvation, he was 6 weeks old and weighed 3.5 pounds. His vegan parents, who […]

From time to time I read blogs such as The Gates of Vienna and The Brussels Journal that are devoted to the “coming culture clash between Moslems and the West.” I go to these blogs because sometimes they alert me to interesting stories and issues that I would otherwise miss. Yet they always leave me […]

A Devastating Critique

Nobody can hurt you like somebody who knows you. J. Dueck recent post called “Dia Gnosis” is a hand’s on demonstration of that truth. J. Dueck purpose is to call attention to a common flaw in American Christianity (primarily of the evangelical variety). His form is that of a biblical parable. The result is a […]