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Hiding in plan sight

Today I was reading about Imhotep. I had things in particular that I was looking for. Things that I pretty much already knew were there. But if you want to stay in a state of knowing everything, you have to refresh your memory every once in a while. By all accounts, Imhotep was a pretty […]

One of the things that has surprised me the most about blogging is the disproportionate amount of my readership that comes from foreign countries. By my rough back of the hand calculations, about 50% of all the blogs that have linked to either this site or my essay site since they were started have been […]

Okay, so technically this is a typhoon not a hurricane. But I could not resist the irony. People who watch the oil markets have been worrying because they say that one strong Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico could send gas prices sky high in the US. Now there is a Category 5 typhoon heading […]

In the absences of human support, how long do you think it would take before an urban neighborhood to turn into wilderness rural again? I have always wondered about that question. But apparently, I need not speculate too much. The process is actually happening in Detroit. This from Detroitblog….. It’s always fun to go up […]

I found this very interesting video off of a link on the Survival Blog. The guy who made the video apparently managed to get into Pakistan’s tribal areas. It is titled The Gun Bazaar of Pakistan. What seems to have impressed the narrator the most was the small machine shops that turned out homemade guns. […]

A deterministic problem…

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on how pure thought can change the physical structure of the brain. Apparently, just sitting around and thinking about things can change the shape of your brain. How cool is that? In one sense this should be no surprise. We already know that doing things like learning […]

I went to New York City once and I have no need to go again. The only things there that I had any use for was the USS Intrepid carrier and riding on the ferry (I was young then, you see). I can’t remember a time in my life when being in even a small […]