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This is amazing only because of the caliber of bullet that they are firing. More here.

Some more proof that I am still writing lies below the more tag. Since I added in new paragraph into stuff that I have already posted, there is some old and new mixed in below with most of new starting about half way down. Sadly, most of the new stuff is a good candidate for […]

Another Section

As discussed in the last post, there is more writing below. A few paragraphs from last time were added in to help place it in context. I wanted to address Rundy’s comments on the last post, but that will have to wait until some other time.

Trying to get out of a rut

I have not been happy with what I have been writing lately. I don’t find my life to be that interesting and I can’t manage to put much heart into writing about it. I generally spend my life in my own little world and the only thing that even comes close to explaining to others […]

Depressing News

“What happened to you? You looked like you got dragged behind a truck for a couple of miles.” Maybe he did not look that bad. But I had to wonder what caused him to be late and show up looking tired. This guy was not ever late. “I had a power outage and so my […]


The recently passed health care bill demonstrates how insane the American political process has become. The fact that American cannot afford the costs is the least of its problems. Lets face it. No matter how personally repugnant the idea is to our ideological sensibilities, America can afford national health care. The reason America can’t afford […]

It’s almost funny

Listen up, all you dirty scum without health insurance, the IRS is going to be monitoring you for compliance with the new health care bill. This process is going to be modeled on the famed campaign run by a certain Santa Claus. Just make sure you do the right thing and you will not have […]

I am not sure how much I liked the dilapidation, but I sure liked the over all design. At least, as much as I could see of it in the pictures. You never know what you are going to find when you wander over to Andrew Cusack’s web site. But then, that is the beauty […]

A Dangerous Situation

I thought a certain person who is prone to dreams when I read this article. The guy is nuts, there is no doubt about that. Having said that, I hope he makes it even so. It would be kind of cool to know that the human body can break the sound barrier. I am just […]

This is making the rounds. The irony is just so sweet. Or sicking. I can’t decided which. To think that Krugman was one of those who thought George Bush was stupid for invading Iraq. At least George Bush was not stupid enough to pick of fight with the very people who were financing his wars. […]

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