New Thomas Dietz Videos

Thomas Dietz is one of the few jugglers who can make an entertaining video based on raw skill alone. A couple years back he made ten videos which quickly became some of the most well known juggling videos on the web. Now he’s at it again, releasing three awesome video clips, and this trailer for “Thomas Dietz 11”.

One thing that makes Thomas stand out from a lot of the other great technical jugglers on the web is that he isn’t shy about showing moves that are really difficult for him. This means his videos tend to have tricks on them that are so hard you can’t believe he actually did them. I still wonder if he’s actually going to land that 7 club 5 up 720 in Thomas Dietz 11 or not. He’s been known to pretend he’s going to do something impossible before, just to tease us, but he’s also famous for actually doing the impossible tricks!

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