Olga And Vova re-take their World Records.

Olga and Vova Galchenko have been considered the most technically advanced passing team for years. They held the club passing records for 9, 10, 11, and 12 clubs. However, as time went on, Olga and Vova began to go their seperate ways, and their records slipped away. Christoph and Manuel Mitasch took the 9 club record, and then in 2006 Dmitry and Victor Teslenko took the 10 and 11 club records. Rumors went around that Olga and Vova might no longer be “the best”. Shortly thereafter, Olga and Vova announced that they would take back some of their records—and they did. Not only did they take back the 11 club record, they beat the 9 club record in ultimates! Normally when jugglers set a passing record, they use the two-count pattern, where one arm throws to yourself, and the other arm passes to your partner. In the Ultimates pattern, every throw is a pass to the other juggler, dramatically increasing the difficulty.

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