Vova's Last Day In Russia

Vova Galchenko got his green card approved and is back in the US now. His Dad taped his last practice in Russia, and man! The difficulty of the tricks he is working on is just unbelievable. 6 club shoulder throws? It must be awesome to watch them come pouring over your shoulders from a jugglers perspective. I still find 3 ball backcrosses difficult, so it’s hard for me to imagine doing 6 club shoulders.

The thing I admire most about Vova’s juggling is the extreme level of control he displays. Not only does he do incredibly hard tricks, he does most of them nearly flawlessly, and even when his patterns start falling apart, all his throws still look deliberate, and he doesn’t seem to lose his concentration. His corrections can impress even the best jugglers.

For a downloadable copy of this video, try here.

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