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Juggling Records Database

Monday, July 16th, 2007

One of the things that helps to inspire people is the progress and achievements of their peers. This is as true of jugglers as it is of anyone, and perhaps even more so. Because of this, Steve Healey created a database of juggling records. Anyone could sign up and post their achievements, and compare themselves to their peers. This service became popular among the jugglers who hang out online.

Unfortunately, Steve’s server choked, and for whatever reason, he did not resuscitate it. Since the service was still in high demand, and Steve could not be contacted, Colin E. copied the idea and created the Juggling Records Database section of the Internet Juggling Database. Much of what was on Steve’s site was ported over, and most people switched to Colin’s service.

Colin’s database improved upon Steve’s in many ways. His server is much faster than Steve’s ever was, and Colin put’s a lot more work into his site on a regular basis, which tends to result in a more stable, reliable site. He also added a feature that will automatically chart your progress as you add records. The main page of the Records Database features a comprehensive list of the most interesting additions.

His database is still far from perfect of course; he left out my favorite part of Steve’s site—the ability to comment on and rate the plausibility of other people’s records. But even with it’s shortcomings, I find it’s a great improvement, and fun way to compete with and be inspired by my fellow jugglers. I just wish more people would add their records and keep them up to date, so we would have a more comprehensive listing.

Faking out a Lion

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

I found it very interesting watching this guy play the lion’s psyche. When I watch high-risk stunts like this, I wonder how they learned the skills required. And what put it in his mind to use a toilet paper roll to intimidate a lion?

If I was going to try something like this, I’d want to lose some weight so I didn’t look so much like 5 course meal.


Sunday, July 1st, 2007

I found this video of Sergi Ignatov to be very interesting. I’ve heard it said that the russians push themselves closer to their limits when they perform, and that seems to hold true for Sergi. He does one of the hardest routines you’ll ever see in a public performance, but he also drops more than you might expect for a performer of his caliber.

He also has the rare distinction of being a russian juggler who actually seems to enjoy his work. Take his 9 ring run for an example.