August 29, 2007

The Ariz Brothers

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DampRabbit recently posted this amazing video of the Ariz Brothers’ acrobatic act. I don’t know where he gets all this historical footage, but I am grateful he is taking the time and effort to post them online for the rest of us.

The grand finale is just incredible.

August 6, 2007

New Galchenko Videos

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Vova made a new video while he was visiting his parents in Russia, and it’s incredible to see how much he has improved since his last video. This is Vova at his best.

You should really download the high quality quicktime version Here, however, there is a YouTube version available:

His sister is also finially getting back into juggling. It seems she has already regained much of her forgotten skill, and has even improved in some areas. I wish she and her brother would practise as a team again and take back the World Records they lost to the Teslenko’s and the Mitasch’s.