October 16, 2007

Mirror Practical Joke

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I found this video of a very elaborate practical joke via Dark Roasted Blend. Identical twins trick numerous passers by into believing they cannot see their reflections. Most of them seem very disturbed by this trick. I only wish it was in english, or had english subtitles so I could hear what they were saying.


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I had to write a report in Microsoft Word for a computer course I’ve been taking. I’m sufficiently technically advanced that an assinment on Word provides little to no learning, so to keep it from being any more mind numbingly boring than it had to be, I decided to write a paper on juggling pattern notation—more specifically siteswap.

You can download it here.

It is no great piece of writing, but it is written for a different audience than most siteswap explanations, so it should provide a different perspective for people who have trouble understanding siteswap, or who have never heard of siteswap. Since I was writing the paper for non-juggling, computer science teacher, I tried to simplfy it enough that it could be understood by a non-juggler, but in depth enough to intrigue his nerdy brain.

This means that those of you who are siteswap experts need not jump down my throat for implying that the digits in siteswap stand for throw heights, or most of the other technically inaccurate generalizations. I know better, but I’m trying to dip their toes in the shallows before I throw them in the pond.

(Click here if you’d rather start by jumping in the pond.)

October 14, 2007

Chris Fowlers "Who We Are"

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Chris Fowler’s latest video has a lot of technical juggling on it. Technical juggling is what Chris does best, so this video is definitely a keeper. He’s been working on his spins quite a bit, and it shows. That 5 ball 3 high 1080 degree spin was incredible.

Jason Garfields Video Podcast

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Jason Garfield made a well filmed and interesting video on what goes into a major performing gig—in this case, doing a show for the car manufacturer BMW. You can find it Here.

I don’t understand why people don’t move on escalators either.