January 27, 2008

Ofek Shilton

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Ofek Shilton is only 12 years old, but already he is one of the best diabolist in the world. He can even do tricks with four diabolos. I’ve only seen a very few people run four, much less do tricks with four!

January 6, 2008

8 Ball Shower

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Bruce Sarafian posted a video that includes old footage of him juggling a 7 and an 8 ball shower. This is the only video I’ve ever seen of 8 ball shower. Everyone else seems to cap out at 7. There are good reasons why Bruce’s world records have stood for years. Very few people take numbers juggling as seriously as he does.

In the newer clips, he’s wearing a dust mask to help deal with alergies he developed working with bean bags with seeds in them.

New WJF Competitors

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Grigoriy Lovigin and Alexandr Koblikov are going to compete in WJF 5. They have some pretty amazing tricks that I’ve never seen before, like juggling 10 balls using a duplex cascade pattern. Includes the solidest 5 ball reverse shoulder throws I’ve ever seen.