The Technical Exorcist

October 14th, 2007

Acer using Lenovo Images???

Posted by exorcist in Interesting

I was working on some new Acer PC’s at work, when I noticed something that struck me as rather suspicious. The default profile is named “Acer User” as you might suspect, but in the Windows Directory structure, it is named “Lenovo User”. As you might already know, Acer and Lenovo are fierce competitors in the computer field. Why in the world would Acer have the words “Lenovo User” in their directory structure?

The only other times I’ve found the Profile name and the Directory structure do not match is when you change the name of a profile. Is Acer using Lenovo disk images, and then renaming the profile?

Has anyone else noticed this kind of anomaly on an Acer? Does anyone have any explanation?