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December 1st, 2009

USB3 and SATA3 have arrived!

Posted by exorcist in Hardware

At last, Gigabyte has released a motherboard with integrated USB3 and SATA3 chipsets!

A decent article can be found on The Inquirer. Gigabyte’s website also has an overview. Only a couple hundred bucks on newegg. . . not bad for a new release.

For those not in the loop and desiring the overview, USB3 allows for 4.8Gbps transfer speeds for external peripherals, approximately 10x the current USB speed. It also does away with the irritating CPU polling that would cause USB devices to give your computer the hiccups.

SATA3 is twice the speed of your current SATA connections—6Gbps transfers speeds will be handy for faster internal flash drives in the near future.

These are both major speed choke points on modern computers, so the improvement should be more noticeable than your everyday technology advancements.

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