The Technical Exorcist

December 14th, 2008

Silence the Fans

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Finally, someone has come up with an improvement in the often-overlooked flaws in computer equipment—noise. La Cie has found a way to make quieter computer fans. They are only selling them on their server hardware it seems, but I hope the technology is adopted for home and office PC’s as well. Fan noise can be terribly irritating, especially when it’s high pitched.


April 5th, 2007

A Powerful flashlight

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This guy made a flashlight that gives off 4000 lumens. That’s a lot.

January 17th, 2007

A universal remote that works?

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It looks like logitech may have just come out with a universal remote that might be worth buying. Check out this review from the Inquirer. It seems to deal nicely with the common flaws of universal remotes, such as unrecognised devices, complex programming procedures, and bulk. Now if only I had the toys to justify buying one. . .