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Mother of All Bear Scares: Russia Amasses Forces for a Multi-Axis Attack on Ukraine

The Cracks in Ukrainian Society Run through Kharkiv

Ukraine Crisis Could Have an Unexpected Winner: Iran

Turkey Sees Energy Crisis Worsen Amid Russia-Ukraine Tensions

Egypt announced that it has entered the stage of water poverty, while talks on Ethiopia’s Nile dam continue to stall.

School Apologizes After Photo Showed Teacher Taping Mask to Student’s Face

But as many as 32,000, or 20%, of the 160,000 Canadian and American cross-border truck drivers may be taken off the roads due to the mandate, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) estimates.

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U.S. food supply is under pressure, from plants to store shelves

Supply Chain Crisis Poised to Worsen as Vax Mandate Impacting Truckers Takes Effect

Ready when you are

UAE intercepts Houthi ballistic missiles in latest attack

The Powerful Case for Redefining Alzheimer’s Disease

The U-2 spy plane: white knuckles from the get-go

No, the Revolution Isn’t Over

Antimicrobial resistance now causes more deaths than HIV/AIDS and malaria worldwide – new study

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Families of US Embassy personnel in Ukraine ordered to begin evacuating as soon as Monday: officials

Calif. considers bill to allow teens to get vaccinated without parents’ consent

Elevators working in reverse as Alberta cattle feeders face increasingly desperate feed shortage

“It’s pretty shocking. To be honest, I’ve never seen anything that looked like that”

Congress’s 1/6 Committee Claims Absolute Power as it Investigates Citizens With No Judicial Limits

IRS Will Require Facial Recognition Scans to Access Your Taxes Online

Top British Medical Journal tells Pfizer “give us the data” — it’s morally indefensible

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Tonga volcano eruption created puzzling ripples in Earth’s atmosphere

Germany Has Little Maneuvering Room in Ukraine Conflict

“We were aware of a 5G issue. Okay. We are aware that everybody is trying to get 5G rolled out after all it’s the super cool future of whatever it may be communication and information flow. We were not aware that the power of the antennas in the United States have been doubled compared to what’s going on elsewhere. We were not aware that the antenna themselves have been put into a vertical position rather than a slight slanting position, which then taken together compromise not only the radio altimeter systems but the flight control systems on the fly by wire aircraft. So on that basis we took that decision late last night to suspend all our services until we had clarity,”

The Danish study results shown in the graph found the Pfizer and Moderna shots provide some protection for a couple months, followed by a higher risk of infection than no shots at all.

Autism or Encephalitis? My Son’s Misdiagnosis and Our Family’s Season in Hell

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Why Was The Volcano Explosion in Tonga So Violent, And What to Expect Now?

Tonga: First reconnaissance flights survey aftermath of volcanic eruption

The Shortage of Health Care Workers Has a Cause

Fourth Pfizer Vaccine Shot Not Enough to Stop Omicron Infection, Israeli Study Suggests

Model this and who are the real liberals anyway?

Airlines Threaten to Ground Many Passenger and Cargo Flights Over Cell Operators’ Refusal to Change 5G Plans

Germany Has a Russia Problem

Oil Jumps To Highest Level Since 2014 On UAE Drone Attack

Why Russia’s Nuclear War Threats Should Make NATO Sweat

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Global Economy Heading For “Mother Of All” Supply Chain Shocks As China Locks Down Ports

Russia-US/NATO Talks

China’s birth rate drops to record low in 2021

Where did the $800 billion Paycheck Protection Program money go?

Guerrero estimates that about 90 cargo containers a day are compromised, sometimes by an organized group that has halted trains and recruited people living on the street to ransack the containers.

Union Pacific Weighs Avoiding Los Angeles as Cargo Theft Rises

A Copper Crisis Threatens The Energy Transition