There is no such thing as private property in America

This is insane….

Finally, on Oct. 1, a letter arrived. It was from Glendale’s Neighborhood Services administrator.

“Dear Owner,” it began. “The city of Glendale is committed to maintaining a community with quality streetscapes that include the care and well-being of protected indigenous trees.”

The letter informed them they had improperly pruned 13 trees, some of them on city property because they were near the street, and some on their own property. The fine was listed on Page 2, where the Collards were informed they would be charged “two times the value of the damaged tree(s).”

“Total: $347,600.”

“I about passed out,” says Ann.

She’d been worried they might get fined as much as, say, $3,000.

Read the whole story. Hat tip: On the level.

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  1. Unfortunately the very vocal minority of radical greens who think that every twig and branch is sacred and would not understand the basic principles of arborial management are to blame. I think it all comes down to educating both them and the equally ignorant authorities who quite obviousley fail to understand that we are also part of the ecosystem and we must live together with our environment in a symbiotic partnership with give and take on both sides. Apart from these outrageous fines, there are many instances of serious injury and death with “deadfall” from large trees (widowmakers) not being properley managed.

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