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Gavin Newsom recall election is turning into landslide, poll shows

Why You Can’t Find Everything You Want at Grocery Stores: Labor shortages, raw materials’ scarcity make supermarket supplies unpredictable; some executives say problems are worse than spring 2020’s dearth.

Pakistan’s Support to the Taliban is One of the Greatest Feats of Covert Intelligence

Waiting for Biden

Despite 95% vaccination rate, Cornell today has five times more COVID cases than it did this time last year

Licenses of doctors who spread harmful COVID-19 information should be at risk

Virus czar calls to begin readying for eventual 4th vaccine dose

I want to push back against the broader implication of the piece, which was summed up well by the editor-at-large of Newsweek, MSNBC’s Naveed Jamali, who argued this morning that “the pro-life movement has always been about white supremacy.”

The O.MG Cable is built for covert field-use, with features that enhance remote execution, stealth, forensics evasion, all while being able to quickly change your tooling on the fly. And, of course, it works just like a normal USB cable when not deploying payloads.

It’s still not OK to kiss your chickens or your ducklings — you could catch a salmonella infection from barnyard birds.

Rolling Stone Issues ‘Update’ After Horse Dewormer Hit-Piece Debunked

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