Links For Today

The FBI Raid of Project Veritas Turns Into a Massive Scandal After Privileged Communications Are Leaked

FDA reports 100+ drug shortages nationwide

Urea shortage threatens South Korea’s transport, energy industries

A record 111 container ships are floating off California’s busiest ports, despite Biden’s 24/7 schedule and looming fines

Maybe I am reading it wrong because I am too tired, but it seemed like to me that the short version of this study is that masks don’t work. At least the kind that everyone uses. Airborne SARS-CoV-2 in home- and hospital environment investigated with a high-powered air sampler

Chinese Voters Came Out in Force for the GOP in NYC, Shaking Up Politics

US Government Kept a Ludicrously Irrational COVID Ban in Place for Months and Months, but Media Bashes the Supposed Irrationality of Private Citizens

CDC Hasn’t Updated COVID Vax Breakthrough Data

Gulf States in First Joint Naval Exercises With Israel

Jordan struggles with dry dams, water deficit

Study data showed the PrecivityAD test can accurately predict levels of amyloid plaques people will have on PET scans 81% of the time, which researchers say may lead to earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

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