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Beware the ‘Sure Thing’

U.S. Spooks Can’t Keep Their Mouths Shut About Helping Ukraine Kill Russians

Target Transnistria: Russia’s Maskirovka and Pathways to Escalation

Rising Oil Prices Buying Iran Time in Nuclear Talks

Russia’s military-industrial complex in panic over low salaries, mass layoffs

If California’s cumulative rate of excess mortality equaled Florida’s, about 5,000 fewer Californians would have died during the pandemic. And if California’s unemployment rate equaled Florida’s last year, 500,000 fewer Californians would have been out of work.

Ephemeral car software and the Internet of Things are killing the ‘car you own forever’ era.

Take note: “They constantly send messages saying they will offer rewards and remove certain sanctions if we give up seeking revenge for Soleimani,” IRGC Navy Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri said on 21 April. “But this is wishful thinking. The leader of the Islamic Revolution insists on taking revenge, and the IRGC commander has said that revenge is inevitable.”

Between searing drought and Ukraine war, Iraq watchful over wheat

President Biden’s $6 billion nuclear bailout aims to patch up an industry damaged by bad energy policies.

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