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NASA Releases Ridiculously Sharp Webb Space Telescope Images

Apple workers storm barriers and fight guards keeping them locked at work and this is older but too good to miss.

Are housing prices worse than ever in history?

The worsening crisis around the Temple Mount and the killing of an Al Jazeera journalist in Jenin this morning have the shaky Israeli coalition even more fragile

Mostly of interest to me because I actually bought a wool sweatshirt from the civilian line up from the company of the guy featured in this story. His company is famous worldwide among those who like high quality outdoor gear and not just on the military side that is featured in this article. Peace made Valtteri Lindholm a millionaire, but now he’s gearing up for war.

EU stumbles over Russian oil slick

U.S.-Israeli Cyber Security Firm Exposes Chinese Regime-Linked Global Industrial Espionage Ring

Sri Lanka PM resigns, Rajapaksa family home burnt down amid clashes: 10 points

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