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Ukraine Is Smashing Russian Bridgeheads Left And Right—But Maybe Still Not Fast Enough

Two morals to this story. Number one is if you are young and healthy enough to do so, stay off the road in situations likes this (headline should not have put the word invisible in there as that was totally false). Number two is even when you are old and can’t make it off the road, give escape a shot. What is the worst that can happen? The invisible Ukrainian who walked 225km to safety from Mariupol

The Turkish Drone That Changed the Nature of Warfare

A Journalist Just Spotted Russia’s ‘Admiral Makarov’ Frigate, Intact And At Sea

Germany Moves To Expropriate Energy Firms In Case Of Emergency

Democrats Wants to Give Biden Power to Impose Price Controls on Gas

Why Is an Entire Generation Ignorant of Cell Biology?

The Last Way Out of Afghanistan

Turkey is pumping the brakes on Finland and Sweden’s NATO bids amid the growing confrontation between Russia and the West.

Very tight Naphta market could increase pain at the pump in Europe

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