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I don’t know about mind boggling, but it is interesting: The first map of America’s food supply chain is mind-boggling

Related to the above: Six of the nine core counties for America’s food supply are burning

Hard evidence of the scale of China’s swine flu problems: China’s pork imports are already set to surpass previous records this year, reaching between 3.1 million and 3.3 million tonnes including offal, the bank said in a report, up from 2.1 million tonnes last year.

Your daily reminder that there is so much that we are told as fact is actually wrong: The olfactory bulb, a structure at the very front of the brain, plays a vital role in our ability to smell. Or, at least, so we thought. A research team has now discovered a handful of women who have a perfectly normal sense of smell but who seem to lack olfactory bulbs – completely altering our long-held views about smell.

News for Today (4/9/17)

Bogus News Story Of The Day

From world champions to humbling defeat against Under 15s side… World Cup-winning USA women’s team suffer 5-2 loss against Dallas academy boys. The story is not bogus per say. The problem is that it is in the news. I say the same kind of headline with the Australian female team lost to a boys team in their country. The fact that these things are news shows how unrealistic their views on the relative differences between males and females are.

In The News

A Soviet Fighter Plane’s Tragic Error Brought Us Google Maps

California’s gas tax hike shows governor’s political skill

Palm Sunday bombings of Egyptian Coptic churches kill 44

Federal Judge Says Molestation Law Criminalizing Diaper Changes Violates Due Process

Salt grinders are bullshit, and other lessons from growing up in the spice trade . A lot of too cool for school swearing, but I found this interesting anyway.

Not In The News But Should Be

February 2017 MBE bar scores collapse to all-time record low in test history. In case you could not figure it out, the reason this should be in the news is that it shows that law schools are taking money from people and pushing them out completely unable to do the job they went to school for. I don’t think this general problem is only limited to law schools. More detailed commentary here.

Entertainment of the Day

Why F.E.A.R.’s AI is still the best in first-person shooters. Never played F.E.A.R. But the lack of AI development does seem to be one of the biggest flaws of modern games.

News for Today (1/30/17)

Bogus News Story Of The Day

BMA warns against using ‘expectant mothers’ for pregnant women as it ‘may offend intersex men’

In The News

Poll Shows Only 33 Percent Oppose Trump’s Temporary Ban on Immigrants From Terrorist Havens

What Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration Does—and Doesn’t Do. If you are not tired of reading about this already.

Physicists have found a metal that conducts electricity but not heat

Greece has three weeks to deal with ‘potentially disastrous’ debt

Things Just Got Serious in Europe’s War on Cash

Chicago police detained more than 7,000 people at secret interrogation center: report. Old news but worth remembering when people are screaming end of the world about current political actions.

Yemen Raid: US Loses 1 SEAL & 1 MV-22 Osprey; 4 Injured

Not In The News But Should Be

FAMAS to Equip New 84,000 Man National Guard, Stay in Service Until 2028. This is posted mostly because of my own curiosity. I have not heard a lot about France standing up a new National Guard. I wounder what the rational is?

Entertainment of the Day

Nothing for today

If you must think, do not strain yourself

A brilliant piece of unquestioning journalism. The big reveal:

Holbreich recently did a study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, which found very low rates of allergies among Amish children living on farms in Indiana. He says the reason may be because the children get exposed very early on to dirty environments, and to a variety of dust and germs. Even young kids are often in the barn, working with animals, and drinking raw milk.

“We think there’s something about milk,” Holbreich says. “That’s key, along with exposure to large animals, particularly cows.”

Scientists don’t know exactly what it is in raw milk, or in the barn, or on the cows, that helps boost the immune system. They’re researching that now. But Holbreich cautions against drinking raw milk or serving it to your child. It contains too many dangerous, disease-causing bacteria.

[Edit] H/T Art Sido.