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Pipeline shutdown could lead to price spikes, shortages — and problems for East Coast airports

‘Conspiracy is hard’: Inside the Trump administration’s secret plan to kill Qassem Soleimani

Research challenges decades-old understanding of how we hear sound

California’s New Math Framework Demands Educators ‘Teach Toward Social Justice’

Cuomo in More Hot Water as Investigation Widens to Include Using Vaccine for Political Gain

Big Tech’s Censors Come for Science

How science has been corrupted

Democrats hit crucial stretch as filibuster fight looms

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Ransomware cyberattack shuts down major US pipeline, company says

Big Tech’s Monopoly Creep

‘It’s like the embers in a barbecue pit.’ Nuclear reactions are smoldering again at Chernobyl

Mexico City Is Sinking at an Alarming And Largely Unstoppable Rate, New Data Finds

Grapefruit Is One of the Weirdest Fruits on the Planet

‘A dirty business’: how one drug is turning Syria into a narco-state

Full FDA Approval Of Pfizer’s Covid Shot Could Make Vaccine Mandates More Likely

With Blood Pressure, Lower Is Not Always Better

The economy surprises the “experts” – again

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The Costs Are Just Up, Up, Up’: Warren Buffett Issues Grave Warning About Inflation

State revises mask mandate for outdoor athletics after Summit HS runner collapses at finish line

If you ever happen to see a picture of a “healthy young person” who dies of COVID, most often they will have this medical issue. About 78% of people who have been hospitalized, needed a ventilator, or died from Covid-19 have been overweight or obese.

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As Drought Worsens Chip Shortage, Taiwan Fights Brain Drain to China

Claw-Lightning and Claw-Thunderbolt: Turkey Engages PKK In Iraq

Brazil Rejects the Gamaleya Vaccine

Anti-masking and community mobility alone can’t explain the second wave of Covid-19 in India

Germany’s climate change laws are insufficient and violate fundamental freedoms by putting the burden of curbing CO2 emissions on the young, its highest court has ruled.

I thought it would be a passing fad but it still has legs. European Towns Remove Traffic Signs to Make Streets Safer

Infrastructure and jobs

Is a cheap ‘universal’ coronavirus vaccine on the way?

Iran leaked tape scandal claims its first victim

China’s Shale Industry Faces Numerous Challenges

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A Monkey/Man Embryo

First Venezuela, Now Ecuador: US Refiners Need A New Source Of Heavy Crude

China Mulls Deploying Troops to Afghanistan After U.S. Pullout

Gift from King Mohammed VI comes as the Lebanese army struggles to feed its soldiers

Starlink Internet service could be “fully mobile” by the end of the year

Babylon Bee CEO posted this to Instagram and they’re now threatening to ban him for “harmful false information” and “hate speech.”

There’s a single New Jersey deli doing $35,000 in sales valued at $100 million in the stock market

Always looking at the last disaster. What is the grid near you like? Severe weather this summer could cause another Texas power crisis

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Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Pulled: The FDA’s Great Mistake?
Georgetown’s Cultural Revolution

Macron Gave Up Fighting Radicalism

I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated

Medical journal forces out editor who questioned ‘structural racism.’ Professors rejoice.

Congress — And Biden — Can Raise Taxes Retroactively

Brooklyn Center Chaos: City Manager Fired for Saying Cop Entitled to Due Process, Officials Fear Activists

China Huarong’s Worsening Bond Rout Stokes Market Contagion

Pelosi/Schiff Argue Congress Can Secretly Subpoena Phone Records of Citizens

CNN Director Admits Network Ran ‘Propaganda’ to Get Trump ‘Voted Out’

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The Shape of Rome

Scientists find clues to why AstraZeneca’s vaccine may cause clots

I wonder what this will mean for our winter? ‘Huge’ explosion rocks St. Vincent as volcano keeps erupting Related: Covid Madness: People Fleeing a Volcanic Eruption Can’t Board the Rescue Vessels Until Vaccinated

Iran Blames Israel for Natanz Blast, Vows Revenge; Nuke Program ‘Set Back 9 Months’

The dispiriting housing boom

Some Covid-19 long haulers say vaccines may be relieving their symptoms. Researchers are looking into it

India records another surge in COVID-19 cases

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Under President Biden, nearly seven times as many unaccompanied minors are being detained by either Customs and Border Patrol or Health and Human Services as compared to the Trump administration.

FBI Investigating Reporting Fraud at $62 Billion Pennsylvania Public Pension Fund,

The so-called “Buffett Indicator” has been flashing red for so long now as stocks keep soaring that you might think it’s an out-of-date relic that’s worthless in forecasting where the market’s heading.

To a certain extent this triumphalism is in bad taste. Texas could very well have another bad turn. But it does show that state restrictions don’t correlate very well with any kind of benefit. Fauci Claims The Fall In COVID Cases Since Texas Relaxed Restrictions Is ‘Confusing’ Related story here.

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Good Friday and Easter Church Raid Attempts by Police Over Covid Intensify Conservative Christian Vaccine Hesitancy

The Politics of South Korea’s ‘China Threat’

How my uncle dodged death and escaped from East Pakistan to India (with a little help from a hen)

Khraniteli: The Soviet take on Lord of the Rings

‘Intentionally False’: Another Florida Dem Absolutely Shreds ’60 Minutes’ Hit Piece Against Ron DeSantis

A political refugee who settled in the Italian Dolomites single-handedly helped to revitalise a vanishing Italian town and its endangered breed of goats.

Homes selling faster than ever even as prices rise to all-time highs