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Loudoun County Public Schools did not record multiple known incidents of alleged sexual assault in schools dating back several years, despite a law that requires statistics about school safety incidents to be reported to the public and which includes provisions holding school superintendents personally liable for violations, a Daily Wire review of public records found.

Is it normalization or shippers giving up? Freight rates are starting to drop on some of the world’s most popular shipping routes, new data has found.

A routine transfer of a spymaster in Pakistan, believed to have been encouraged by China, has embroiled the powerful army and the prime minister’s office in a controversy on who appoints or transfers the head of the premier spy agency.

The sharpest increases will probably be for homes that use propane, which account for 5% of US households.

China Seeks Long-Term U.S. LNG Supply Amid Energy Crisis

Turkey Is Suffering As Natural Gas Prices Soar

Chicago Police Union to Defy Vaccine Mandate and Dare the City to Enforce It

India’s Coal Crisis Worsens As Top Coal Miner Halts Supply To Industrial Users

Dollar Tree Loses its 35 Year War with Inflation

Amnesty International brief against right to bear arms

Over 94,000 Illegal Immigrants in Southern Texas Released Into US With Notices to Report, Documents Show

This is fake news: Joe Rogan gets CNN’s chief medical correspondent to admit CNN lied about ivermectin

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You’re not only under the thumbs of intrusive educrats; you’re also subject to whatever diktats activists can persuade a federal court to issue. In the case of Knox County, Tenn., schools, that consists of an order to mask all children, despite orders from Tennessee’s governor, Bill Lee, and the Knox County Board of Education to the contrary.

China’s coal futures hit record high as floods worsen energy crisis

Oregon Nurses Association calls nurse staffing shortages ‘historic and catastrophic’

Seattle could fire 40% of police force over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Did Labor Action Over Vaccine Mandates Compel Southwest to Cancel Thousands of Flights?

Nearly 80,000 shipping containers are piled high in the Port of Savannah, a report says, as the supply chain crisis shows no sign of stopping

Capitol Police Whistleblower Claims Leadership Botched Jan. 6th And Lied to Congress About It

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Poland Turns to Questionable Methods to Turn Back Migrants

Build Back Better? More Americans Have Died of COVID This Year Than in All of 2020

Auto Sales Are Drying Up As Semiconductor Shortage Worsens

The Great Office Refusal

This huge rebound is largely down to the country’s impressive reopening following the Covid pandemic, which continues to hit several countries around the world hard. By opening up production and decreasing Covid restrictions Saudi Arabia has been able to get its oil sector and other industries back on track, as many other states still struggle.

How to Destroy a Country: Does Ethiopia Have a Future?

Workers Wanted: Miners Offered $100k Per Year As Coal Prices Soar

UPDATED: Cost Per Round, by Caliber (May 2020 – Oct 2021, via Ammoseek)

The widespread assumption that suppliers close to home are more reliable has not always proved true. During the turmoil caused by the pandemic, some German companies had more trouble getting supplies from France or Italy, because of strict lockdowns, than they did from Asia.

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Time to warn Taiwan secessionists and their fomenters: war is real: Global Times editorial

Is Beijing on Borrowed Time? Is the U.S.?

Gas Prices In Europe Are Now The Equivalent Of $205 Oil

Surging prices for high-purity silicon is sending a shockwave towards chipmakers

India’s coal crisis brews as power demand surges, record global prices bite

China Energy Crunch Forces Beijing To Buy Australian Coal

Massive California oil spill was reported Friday. But nobody told the millions who went to the beaches.

It is the City, but still….New York’s Straw Law Will Fine Business for Giving Out Unsolicited Straws, and Also for Not Having Enough Straws

Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine—but vaccination remains vital

Default Of Second Chinese Developer Sparks China Junk Bond Meltdown As Contagion Explodes

New Zealand admits it can no longer get rid of coronavirus

If following a woman into a bathroom and harassing her is now acceptable practice, where is the new line? Do norms exist anymore?

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A Week in the World’s Most Chaotic City

Venezuela subtracts six zeros from currency, second overhaul in three years

Key inflation gauge watched by the Federal Reserve hits another 30-year high

Media stops covering FL COVID data because DeSantis’ downtrend threatens lockdown politics: Sexton, Travis

How did 30,000 Haitians get to Texas?

Saturday Commentary and Review #57

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The workers who keep global supply chains moving are warning of a ‘system collapse’

Bacon prices have skyrocketed to record levels, and they might not go down anytime soon

Review Analysis: Stanford students are more likely to wear masks on bicycles than helmets

In a blistering speech to the United Nations on Monday — one that was mostly ignored by the mainstream media — new Israeli PM Naftali Bennett all but threatened war against Iran and that country’s nuclear weapons program.

Why America has a school bus driver shortage

The Culture War is Coming for Your Genes

Global supply crunch fuels German inflation

Rikers Island: “Humanitarian Crisis” with Dead Cockroaches, Urine and Feces, Plastic Bags in Lieu of Toilets, Lack of Food and Water; Guards Call in Sick to Escape Appalling Conditions, Covid Risk

Explainer-What is behind China’s power crunch? and here is a German view.

Buried on page 168 of the House Democrats’ 2,465-page mega bill is a tenfold increase in fines for employers that “willfully,” “repeatedly,” or even seriously violate a section of labor law that deals with hazards, death, or serious physical harm to their employees.

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Australia: Covid’s tyranny

There is no precedent for last year’s increase in the murder rate.

Someone Orchestrated the Border Crisis

US crude at 24 month low, gasoline at 22 month low, total supplies at 42 month low

A very lop sided article written by people who have never maintained heat pumps and know nothing about them in a practical sense. But it is a view point coming soon to an area near you. What one city’s struggle to ban natural gas says about the challenge of electrifying buildings

For all those sure they have COVID but can’t get the tests to come out positive. Is ‘the worst cold ever’ going around?/a>

New optical ‘transistor’ speeds up computation up to 1,000 times, at lowest switching energy possible

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The Dangerous Rally In Natural Gas Prices

China Property Fear Spreads Beyond Evergrande, Roiling Markets

EU court fines Poland €500,000 a day until coal mine closes

Rules are for the little people.

The DOJ’s new charging document, approved by Biden’s Attorney General, sheds bright light onto the Russiagate fraud and how journalistic corruption was key.

The World’s Longest Cave System Just Got Even Bigger

Australia’s well-kept nuclear-submarine secret

Efficiency, after all, is vital during the late June harvest season at Portugal’s largest blueberry farm.