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COVID-19 alarmism is working, new polls show.

Florida governor urgently working to prevent ‘catastrophic flood’ in Tampa area

New discoveries in Alaska by an Australian independent could provide hope for bigger oil finds yet to come in the country’s National Petroleum Reserve.

Science is hard. I will go do politics instead. The Trouble with Brain Scans

Basically, if there is no war with China, they won’t have a job. The Marine Corps Is About to Reinvent Itself—Drastically

A study analyzing US mortality in March-July 2020 reported a 20% increase in excess deaths, only partly explained by COVID-19.


Links For Today

Journalists Attack the Powerless, Then Self-Victimize to Bar Criticisms of Themselves

Canada’s Oil Crisis Could Hurt U.S. Consumers

As I understand it, Archegos Capital is not technically a hedge fund as is commonly understood by the phrase. To get around regulations, the guy organized his place as a “family office”. Global banks bracing for losses amid US hedge fund collapse

Why Is Everyone in Texas Not Dying? and Texas Hits Record Low COVID Cases, 3 Weeks After Lifting All Pandemic Restrictions

Pennsylvania Voters Can Approve Constitutional Amendment To Limit Governor’s Emergency Powers

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced completion of a study on the feasibility of municipalizing all or part of New York American Water Company, Inc.’s Long Island assets and operations. The study determined that municipalization of New York American Water is both feasible and, under several scenarios, in the public interest.

Thousands of eagles and other fowl have died from a mysterious condition that attacks their nervous systems. Now, after decades of investigation, we know why.

An anecdote about that: When I was living in Dallas years ago, and working at the Dallas Morning News, I remember how crazy it was one afternoon that police put out an alert about an armed robber on the loose in an Uptown neighborhood, but my newspaper would not give out the man’s race.

Biden stocks cabinet with prep school grads

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Could the passage of a $1.9 trillion coronavirus-relief package mark the end of the neoliberal era?

How the media grotesquely distorted the Atlanta massacres

NASA and SpaceX sign agreement on spaceflight safety

The US wood shortage can be traced to a decades-old beetle infestation in Canada

Australia Mice biting hospital patients, ravaging farms as plague escalates across NSW

FTC memos suggest Obama-era regulators passed on an opportunity to rein in Google when the company still had viable competitors.

A Brief List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus

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How China’s attack on Microsoft escalated into a “reckless” hacking spree

Journalists Start Demanding Substack Censor its Writers: to Bar Critiques of Journalists

What will Biden’s ‘clean energy future’ look like? California’s sky-high energy prices and poverty rates sound a warning

Saudi Oil Exports Holding Strong Despite Production Cut Commitment

Andrew Cuomo Was Paid $65 for Every Book He Sold

PETA Defends Pro-Life Journalist From Planned Parenthood’s Anti-Free Speech Lawsuit

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I should have known the one year figure was too high. CDC estimated a one-year decline in life expectancy in 2020. Not so — try five days

Results, Not Headlines

FBI Memos Using Stefan Halper Released, Show FBI Targeting Effort Against Trump Campaign Using Any Means Possible

Bond Tantrum Is a Big Test of Central Banks’ Mettle

Is Google Locking Down Chrome to Resist the Rise of Chromium Based Browsers?

The Framers and the Framed: Notes On the Slate Star Codex Controversy

Though a gag order has been relaxed, little is known about the extent of the damage caused by a major oil spill to Israel’s marine ecosystems and beaches.

The tragicomedy at Smith College