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What America’s Supply-Chain Backlog Looks Like Up Close

How recent vaccine mandate laws have upended my family’s life

China’s Power Crisis Could Have A Massive Impact On Aluminum Supply

A Worrisome Peek Inside Yale Law’s Diversity Bureaucracy

Masks significantly reduced virus transmission when worn by both the case-patient and the contact, but SARs for each group were higher than anticipated. This finding suggests that quarantine after COVID-19 exposure is beneficial even if parties wore masks.

Democrats narrow scope of IRS proposal amid GOP attacks

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The Slippery Dutch Slope from Drug Tolerance to Drug Terror

The Car Shortage Is About To Get A Whole Lot Worse

Anhydrous Breaks $800 Per Ton as Fertilizer Prices Soar

A Brazilian congressional panel is set to recommend that President Jair Bolsonaro be charged with “crimes against humanity,” asserting that he intentionally let the coronavirus rip through the country and kill hundreds of thousands in a failed bid to achieve herd immunity and revive Latin America’s largest economy.

Antarctica Chills with Coldest Winter on Record

NIH Contradicts Fauci, Admits Funding Gain-of-Function Research at Wuhan Lab

IMDB just got caught with its pants down. Social media is noticing that they changed the Fauci film 1.6 audience score to 5.8, but they neglected to change the demographic data or the raw distribution, so it looks like they just faked the top-line number.

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New York’s proposed Green Amendment could usher in “vigilante regulation through litigation.”

IRS Raises Snooping Threshold: It’s Still Snooping

Gulf Coast welders dying from anthrax-like disease, researchers say

I guess this answers the question about what was causing all the Southwest Airline delays.

Police say hospital discharged seriously ill man, left him on the street

Why Isn’t Russia Sending More Gas To Europe?


Former Pa. health secretary became nation’s highest-ranking openly transgender official in March

Boris Johnson is facing calls to enact “David’s law” to crack down on social media abuse of public figures and end online anonymity in the wake of the killing of Sir David Amess…While police are investigating whether there are any links to Islamist extremism and have not connected the killing to the targeting of MPs online, allies of Amess said he had voiced growing concern about threats and toxicity within public discourse as they demanded a crackdown…

When you don’t know the context of these video’s, it is hard to say if they really are about what the text says. But these are going to make the rounds so you might as well see them here first.

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Long-Term NAEP Scores for 13-Year-Olds Drop for First Time Since Testing Began in 1970s — ‘A Matter for National Concern,’ Experts Say

Parts Shortage Stalls US Auto Repair Business
Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

Things Are Getting Messy In Draghi’s Italy

‘Self-serving garbage.’ Wildfire experts escalate fight over saving California forests

Report: As Power Crisis Worsens, India Presses Qatar for Delayed LNG Cargoes

New rule to require IRS tax on cash app business transactions

There Are Americans Still Stuck in Afghanistan

China’s Claim That Its Fractional Orbital Bombardment System Was A Spaceplane Test Doesn’t Add Up

China’s Coal And Power Crisis Hits Global Economy

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Study finds menstrual bleeding changes after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination

Conservative media viewing correlates with intention to use ivermectin

Democrats face growing storm over IRS reporting provision

U.S. Coal Use Is Rebounding Under Biden Like It Never Did With Trump

Nearly 40% of California state workers are unvaccinated against COVID despite Newsom order

Haiti: 15 US missionaries and family kidnapped

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Gripped by Energy Crisis, Europe Considers Breaking Climate Promises and Turning to Coal

Smoke and Mirrors: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Actually Exist

Alzheimer’s and COVID-19 share a genetic risk factor

Drug treatment for Lyme disease could lead to its eradication

More CA Walgreens close due to “organized retail crime”

China improves pricing mechanism for coal-fired power

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New study finds aspirin can significantly cut COVID risks — and even death

A Southwest Pilot Explains What Happened over the Weekend

The Shadowy, Homemade Weapons Community Just Keeps on Growing

Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan (TTP) consolidates power in tribal areas

Pakistan Struggles To Find LNG Amid Gas Crisis

India: Several states hit by power outages due to coal shortage

A.Q. Khan: The death of a nuclear salesman

Texas governor bars all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in state, rips Biden for ‘bullying’

Google announces: …a new monetization policy for Google advertisers, publishers and YouTube creators that will prohibit ads for, and monetization of, content that contradicts well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change.

An Austrian climate activism group on Tuesday officially filed a request for an International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation into whether the environmental policies of far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his administration constitute crimes against humanity.