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Moscow thinks Western countries will refuse its proposal to end NATO expansion

Novavax’s long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine authorizations offer an alternative to mRNA

Germany sees battle over cheap meat flare up

Pennsylvania Gets Christmas-Day Delivery of Illegal Aliens From Biden

Iranian Missiles Strike Israeli Sites in Simulated Attack

Ukraine’s acquisition and subsequent use of the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 has been a cause of significant concern for separatist forces in Eastern Ukraine, and for Russia,

Regarding Israel’s recommendation to begin administering a fourth vaccine dose, Bennett said that “we have quite a few indications in this regard. We’re not talking about a vaccine for all Israelis but for vulnerable people and older adults. We’re definitely seeing a decline after a few months from the booster.”

The FINAL day of the USSR in people’s diaries

Russia says Nord Stream 2 loaded with gas, no alternatives needed

CDC Director Walensky Makes Revealing Admission on Why COVID Isolation Period Was Shortened

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Myocarditis Under Age 40: An Update

Putin’s gas weaponization hits a hot spot in Berlin And this is related.

Study finds abrupt decline in the prevalence of cognitive impairment among older Americans

China closes ranks in battle for rare earth control

Massive New Bird Flu Outbreak Could Be 2022’s Deadly Pandemic

The American Dream is on Life Support in the Bay Area

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Russia’s Gazprom hasn’t booked transit capacity for Monday for natural gas exports via a key pipeline route to Germany, which was sending gas eastwards for a sixth consecutive day.

Nearly 30% of New COVID Cases in America Came From One City

Because I made 3 truthful, accurate statements that some people at LinkedIn considered to be misleading or inaccurate, my account (built up over nearly 20 years) is now permanently deleted.

I am from the Government and I am here to help.

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Canada’s public health agency admits it tracked 33 million mobile devices during lockdown

Chinese Terracotta Warriors city Xian in lockdown as Covid-19 outbreak grows

Israel’s Iran question: To strike or not to strike?

Putin says ‘diverse’ options open to fight Western ‘threat’

How are Rome’s monuments still standing?

Twice the speed, half the time, no loss of learning

Ketamine therapy swiftly reduces depression and suicidal thoughts

Oh the mystery of how coronavirus doesn’t infect and kill people in Japan anymore?

In August I challenged the UC vaccine mandate in federal court. Yesterday the University fired me for refusing the vaccine.

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China hoards over half the world’s grain, pushing up global prices

Rikers Island has been notorious for violence and neglect for decades. But detainees, corrections officers and officials tell us the New York City jail complex has plunged into a new state of emergency.

Covid is suddenly funny and cool now that all the right people are getting it.

The real story is how common carjacking is getting in some cities. Two Dems who support police reform carjacked less than 24 hours apart

The newfound structure sits within the masseter, a key muscle for chewing.

A New Way to Preserve Tomatoes?

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Europe Faces Full Blown Energy Crisis As Gas Prices Smash All Records

Germany’s Reaction To The Energy Crisis Could Be Catastrophic

Science Should Never Shut Down Debate

UK: Omicron variant has 50%-70% less hospitalization rate

It’s a Pandemic of the Vitamin D Deficient:

When and why did human brains decrease in size 3,000 years ago?

US: Supreme Court to hear challenges to Biden vaccine mandate

On the Horn of Africa, a tiny ‘country’ has Congress’ ear

This Scientist Created a Rapid Test Just Weeks Into the Pandemic. Here’s Why You Still Can’t Get It.

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We May Be Prescribing Antidepressants Wrong, Claims Concerning New Review

According to their filings, for years Hertz has falsely reported that its cars were stolen as part of its regular business practice, “ensnaring its customers in accusations of car theft, throwing them in jail on felony charges, prosecuting them, burdening them with criminal records that impact their livelihoods, and separating them from their family and loved ones.”

Cuba records runaway inflation of over 70%

N.Y. Gov. Hochul Now Bribing Counties to Enforce Her Mask Mandate

Study: Moderna, Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines less effective in seniors with chronic health woes

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Harassment Of Navy Destroyers By Mysterious Drone Swarms Off California Went On For Weeks

Gazprom halts gas transit to Germany via Yamal pipeline No US press yet that I have seen but there is also this.

The country’s total population of nearly 52 million is set to decline 0.18% by 2021 year-end, for the first time since the country began collecting census data, according to figures released by Statistics Korea.

The supply chain that is Japanese

Philippines typhoon death toll hits 375

Hair, beauty products may interfere with hormones during pregnancy

Israel to offer fourth COVID-19 booster dose

No, 73% of US COVID-19 cases aren’t Omicron yet: how the press got it wrong

According to reports, the IDF does not have the means to effectively and seriously damage Iran’s nuclear facilities right now.