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You’re not only under the thumbs of intrusive educrats; you’re also subject to whatever diktats activists can persuade a federal court to issue. In the case of Knox County, Tenn., schools, that consists of an order to mask all children, despite orders from Tennessee’s governor, Bill Lee, and the Knox County Board of Education to the contrary.

China’s coal futures hit record high as floods worsen energy crisis

Oregon Nurses Association calls nurse staffing shortages ‘historic and catastrophic’

Seattle could fire 40% of police force over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Did Labor Action Over Vaccine Mandates Compel Southwest to Cancel Thousands of Flights?

Nearly 80,000 shipping containers are piled high in the Port of Savannah, a report says, as the supply chain crisis shows no sign of stopping

Capitol Police Whistleblower Claims Leadership Botched Jan. 6th And Lied to Congress About It

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California moves toward ban on gas lawnmowers and leaf blowers

“Part of the prime minister’s problem is that she did such a good job of rallying New Zealanders to this cause, of convincing them – correctly – that elimination was an achievable goal, and of instilling a real fear of the virus. That’s a very hard thing to unwind from,” Thomas says.

Servers are masked, the elites are unmasked

California’s Newsom faces criticism after admitting 12yo daughter not jabbed amid own push for vaccine mandate for kids

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Poland Turns to Questionable Methods to Turn Back Migrants

Build Back Better? More Americans Have Died of COVID This Year Than in All of 2020

Auto Sales Are Drying Up As Semiconductor Shortage Worsens

The Great Office Refusal

This huge rebound is largely down to the country’s impressive reopening following the Covid pandemic, which continues to hit several countries around the world hard. By opening up production and decreasing Covid restrictions Saudi Arabia has been able to get its oil sector and other industries back on track, as many other states still struggle.

How to Destroy a Country: Does Ethiopia Have a Future?

Workers Wanted: Miners Offered $100k Per Year As Coal Prices Soar

UPDATED: Cost Per Round, by Caliber (May 2020 – Oct 2021, via Ammoseek)

The widespread assumption that suppliers close to home are more reliable has not always proved true. During the turmoil caused by the pandemic, some German companies had more trouble getting supplies from France or Italy, because of strict lockdowns, than they did from Asia.

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Yellen defends IRS rule requiring banks to report all transactions over $600

What automakers require is somewhat at odds with what chipmakers prefer and are tooled to produce: smaller, more densely packed chips, that can be manufactured at lower cost and yield more units.

A Cold Winter: Turkey and the Global Natural Gas Shortage

Those $4.5 trillion ‘infrastructure’ and ‘reconciliation’ bills are far more radical and dangerous than you think

The most powerful ethnic group, the Pashtuns, are taking the homes and farms of their Shiite neighbors.

Perfect Storm – Pakistan Eyes The Bayraktar TB2

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Time to warn Taiwan secessionists and their fomenters: war is real: Global Times editorial

Is Beijing on Borrowed Time? Is the U.S.?

Gas Prices In Europe Are Now The Equivalent Of $205 Oil

Surging prices for high-purity silicon is sending a shockwave towards chipmakers

India’s coal crisis brews as power demand surges, record global prices bite

China Energy Crunch Forces Beijing To Buy Australian Coal

Massive California oil spill was reported Friday. But nobody told the millions who went to the beaches.

It is the City, but still….New York’s Straw Law Will Fine Business for Giving Out Unsolicited Straws, and Also for Not Having Enough Straws

Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine—but vaccination remains vital

Default Of Second Chinese Developer Sparks China Junk Bond Meltdown As Contagion Explodes

New Zealand admits it can no longer get rid of coronavirus

If following a woman into a bathroom and harassing her is now acceptable practice, where is the new line? Do norms exist anymore?

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More energy shocks, and it was crazy to move away from nuclear power

You have to scroll to the middle section to get the good stuff. I imagine we will be hearing more about this one way or another. Inadvertent intravenous injection

Still burning food for fuel. Supply tightness in soybean oil market making ways for sunflower oil

Turkish company again stops supplying Lebanon with electricity

South Pole Sees Record Cold Winter, Smashing 1976 Record …WaPo Admits “Chill Was Exceptional”

Turkish inflation rises to 19.6% after surprise rate cut

Biden declares war on showerheads

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House Budget Chairman Yarmuth To Progressives: “The Federal Government Can Afford Anything”

The NYT’s Partisan Tale about COVID and the Unvaccinated is Rife with Sloppy Data Analysis

Soldiers to start delivering petrol to UK forecourts from Monday amid warnings of 3p rise in fuel costs – but Rishi Sunak admits ‘very real’ food shortages will last until Christmas

“Nobody has fish in their freezer right now. Nobody,”

Cargo ships anchored off NY and LA face 4-WEEK wait to berth and trains in Chicago are backed up 25 miles with global supply chain on the brink of collapse

Rolling Stone Lefty Loses It, Shrieks ‘Joe Manchin Just Cooked the Planet’

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A Week in the World’s Most Chaotic City

Venezuela subtracts six zeros from currency, second overhaul in three years

Key inflation gauge watched by the Federal Reserve hits another 30-year high

Media stops covering FL COVID data because DeSantis’ downtrend threatens lockdown politics: Sexton, Travis

How did 30,000 Haitians get to Texas?

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