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At least my Crazy Bone still works. . .

March 26th, 2007 by tatterdemalion

I’ve recently been laid out by a painful medical condition; whatever functions weren’t affected by the symptoms themselves were thrown out of whack by the medications. While positioned just so in bed, I was cutting out the pattern for the stuffed dragon I wanted to make for my brother’s birthday (a week from that day, and dreadfully closer now). This pattern was the same one I reviewed here (and for some reason my pictures aren’t working now, so I’ll have to go whine at the Technical Exorcist), except this time I’m making one size larger.

Anyway, I already had no where near enough time to finish it, and now I’m busy being alternately overcome with excruciating pain, head-swimming dizziness, or so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. Sitting at the sewing machine is definitely and totally out of the question. So what am I doing? Going over in my head how this pattern is still so poorly drafted, and how I’ll re-draft this piece, and change that piece, and add a seam here, and find a better way to do that—all the while fuming at the pattern drafters for putting such lackadaisical effort into their attempt.

Somehow, in light of my physical condition, it seemed both irritating and comforting. Irritating, in that I can’t seem to alter my plans or standards even though the situation clearly points to the wisdom of that. And comforting, because that fussiness or craziness is very much a part of my personality, and it was very nice to know that it was at least one part of me that was not being affected.

Thankfully, I’m now over the worst of it and am on the way to recovery, so hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me soon.

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