A go round, hold the merry

Two people inside of Acme applied for the job that P. B. now holds–two people that I know of. As of today, neither of them works for the company any more. The second gave two weeks’ notice today and was asked to leave immediately. Lots of things are rumored, the most likely that he had a surly and defiant attitude knowing that he had his ticket.

It does not make the best impression to get rid of someone that quickly. Now we can all imagine him as some kind of hero. If we had all seen him being a jerk, we would know he got what he deserved. One of the less credible rumors about his immediate dismissal is that his continued presence would be bad publicity. . .or something. . . to the effect that too many people are leaving and we don’t want it to catch.

Just about bolted for the door myself when I heard that one. Fortunately I have successfuly developed a third brain cell at some point in my life and I sniffed around a little more before getting carried away. Like I said, it was not really the most credible rumor.

The first guy to go (related to this position) spent his last two weeks telling us how much more he would be paid, and how his new employers thought he was overworked, and how he couldn’t wait to stick it to Acme. He had gotten a degree on the benefience of Acme, but evidently it did not make him qualified enough for the job.

I can see why. A week after he left he called back for his old job because the new one was too hard. Apparently the same drama was staged during his last attempt at a change of functions with Acme.

We are finally to have a production manager again. This fellow used to work for Acme, at some time sufficiently before my time that I don’t know what he did. He most recently worked for an old sister-company of Acme, but that one was split off ages ago. It’s the company where the person who used to have P. B.’s job, more or less, left to work for. She mentioned that she would be glad to work with this guy who is now rejoining Acme.

I can imagine, though without any information to back me up, that he left partly to put some distance back into their friendship, as the last I heard this old supervisor was driving coworkers bonkers by continuing to answer the phones “Acme Tool Co., how may I help you?”

Oh well, after 20 or 30 years, who can blame you for getting in a rut.