Clearing the ground

A week ago, the plan was:

1. Set up at least a basic database to keep track of shipment errors
2. Begin new pick/pack/ship flex program to check shipments
3. Use dougnuts to bring home the program

We didn’t accomplish exactly any of those things. Still, the best-laid plan changes as soon as it gets underway.

I may have cheated a little even putting number one on the list. I think I already had the basic database set up to keep track of number of lines picked (line items on sales orders). I did some twiddling with the data side of it, but not really anything significant until late Saturday when I set up a routine to capture inventory data that will help other projects besides the shipment error reduction. I figure if I accomplished something in overtime, it’s only half a victory at best, because the point is to find a solution other than living in the office.

But most of Saturday was spent cleaning up old claims so that the new system can start from zero. Notwithstanding overtime principle above, this is forward progress in the direction planned. The supervisors of the line pickers are on board.

This next week is going to be a major challenge. We have to try to get Accounting to sign off on a new way of handling the inventory discrepancies. We’ve had dysfunctional process since the previous supervisor left, due partly to the restructuring of the department and the redefinition of the roles. We’ve tried different things at different points during the year and we haven’t set up a seamless process yet. There’s a little communication problem between departments, too, because Accounting keeps asking us for suggested solutions and then mostly telling us that we can’t do what we’ve suggested.

This will probably be the showdown week. Make that this week’s agenda:

  • Continue to implement new claim investigation process
  • Agree on reconciliation process with Accounting