I sort of forgot I was enrolled in an on-line class. It is beneath my level in the subject matter and boring. But I should still finish the assignments so I can put it down as complete.

On the job training/learning is so much better. But if they are only training you in doing things the wrong way, is it really any better?

Way too much overtime this week, on top of a cold. Well, it will be way too much overtime after tomorrow. Bleh. But that procedure for logging and reducing shipping claims that I talked about has gone untended for over a month. I really have to get some answers back to the customer service center.

Not sure why I really have to. They can’t fire me. They don’t have much sway with my boss. But they are decent folks trying to do their jobs, which they can’t complete without my participation… and they represent the customer. All cheese aside, that should count for something.

I still don’t feel like working all day tomorrow, though.

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